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Pakistan Tennis Federation is the governing body of tennis within Pakistan, linking to member associations throughout the country. We promote and facilitate participation in tennis at all levels, and also conduct national and international tournaments. The most widely recognized of these include:

  • The Davis Cup
  • The Fed Cup
  • National Ranking Tournaments
  • ITF Tennis Pro Circuit for Men’s & Women’s



Tennis in its present form was conceived in England in the 1870s. In the 1880s the British Army and Civilian Officers brought the game to India. Soon after, regular tournament like “Punjab Lawn Tennis Championships” at Lahore (1885); and the All India Tennis Championships at Allahabad in (1910) were organized. Initially the Britishers won these Championships, however slowly Indian started picking up the game. Muhammad Saleem of Lahore (Punjab) won the Punjab Championships in 1915 and thereafter consecutively from 1919 to 1926.

In March 1920 All Indian Lawn Tennis Association (AILTA) was formed at Lahore and after getting the Independence from British in 1947 a separate All Pakistan Lawn Tennis Association was formed.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah father of the nation (Pakistan) had a great love for sport and fully released the vital role it played in the development of Nations and inculcation of discipline among the masses.

In a meeting with the Organizing Committee of the First Pakistan Olympic Games held at Karachi the Quaid-i-Azam said to the first President of Pakistan Olympic Association Mr. Ahmed E.H. Jaffar:

Dedicate yourself to sports promotion, for when you and I are gone, leadership will go into the hands of Youth, and Youth is our wealth, a raw material, that must be hammered into shape, into burnished steel to strive and smite in defence – the defence of the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan – the defence of the ideology of Pakistan.

In the late 90’s, trend has changed & money is now being placed into sports, and many of the federations are now managed by people who are trying to push Pakistani sportsmen and women forward. International tournaments are now hosted in the country, and the nation now sends sportsmen and women to compete abroad. There have also been restructuring of national tournaments, and new facilities and equipment being provided. This has seen overall results improve.


To have the game of tennis clearly establish itself as the most popular sport and recreational activity in Pakistan and to ensure Pakistan has a pre-eminent position in Asia & World tennis.


To grow, manage, promote and showcase the sport of tennis throughout Pakistan, recognizing the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of sport, and tennis in particular, for people of both sexes, all ages and abilities.

Our Values

  • Our priority is to identify who they are, what they want, how we can reach them and how we can provide them with a more enjoyable and rewarding tennis experience.
  • Our People are our strength, our differentiator, what distinguishes us from other sports. We recognize the importance of motivating and rewarding our staff and of capturing PTF’s tremendous intellectual capital and maximizing the benefits of this capital by sharing it throughout the organization.
  • Quality enriches every aspect of our business including our staff, our systems, our programs and operations, events and players.
  • Innovation fuels PTF’s future.
  • Accountability brings clarity in our internal and external dealings. PTF staff all have clearly defined job descriptions and operate to a clear set of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Integrity underpins everything we do. All Directors, committee members, selectors, executives, managers and employees are expected to act with the utmost integrity and objectivity striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the company.

Presidents & Secretaries of Pakistan Tennis Federation

1948-1958 Justice S.A. Rehman President
Mr. Ahmad Hussain Khokhar Hon. Secretary
1959-1966 Mr. I.U.Khan President
Syed Mehmud Alam Hon. Secretary
1967-1977 Prince of Bahawalpur (Nawab) Governor of Punjab President
Mr. Azhar Noon Hon. Secretary
Ch. Muhammad Farooq Hon. Secretary
1977-1983 Col. Munir Ahmad President
Col. Opal Hon. Secretary
1984-1985 Gen. Rahimuddin Khan President
Mr. Munir A.Pirzada Hon. Secretary
1986-1990 Gen. Tallat Masood President
Col. Baig Hon. Secretary
1991-1995 Senator Mr. Wasim Sajjad President
Mr. Munir A.Pirzada Hon. Secretary
1996-2001 Mr. Anwar Saifulah Khan President
Col. Dar (2 year) 1996-1998 Hon. Secretary
Mr. Ali Akber (4 year) 1998-2002 Hon. Secretary
2002 – 2010 Senator Syed Dilawar Abbas President
Major (Retd.) A.Rashid Khan Hon. Secretary
2010 – 2014 Syed Kaleem Imam President
Mr. Mumtaz Yousaf Hon. Secretary
2014 – to date Mr. Salim Saifullah Khan President
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Rehmani Hon. Secretary

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Garden Avenue, Islamabad – Pakistan

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