About Us

The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is the governing body of tennis in Pakistan, linking member associations throughout the country. We promote and facilitate participation in tennis at all levels, and also conduct national and international tournaments. The most widely recognized of these include:

  • The Davis Cup
  • The Fed Cup
  • National Ranking Tournaments
  • ITF Tennis Pro Circuit for Men’s & Women’s



The Pakistan Tennis Federation has been functional since 1948 for promotion of Tennis in Pakistan. The Pakistan Tennis Federation is also affiliated with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF), besides having affiliated units like the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air force, POF Wah, WAPDA, PIA, SNGPL, HEC, and representatives of all the provinces and Islamabad Capital Territory.

The Pakistan Tennis Federation is headquartered at the S. Dilawar Abbas–PTF Tennis Complex, situated on Garden Avenue, Islamabad. The PTF Complex facilities are regularly utilized by National players, diplomats and their families, foreigners and other Tennis enthusiasts.

Over the years, Pakistan has produced some excellent tennis players bringing laurels for the country at the Asian and even International levels. Tennis is widely played in Pakistan, with almost all cities having several clubs with courts.
Pakistan made it to the Davis Cup World Group stage in 2005, the pinnacle of Pakistan Tennis, and currently Pakistan is playing in Asia Oceania Zone Group-I. In 2017, international tennis returned to Pakistan after a lapse of almost 12 years in the form of Davis cup and ITF Pro-Circuit Tournaments. Pakistan won three consecutive Davis Cup ties in 2017-18.


To establish the game of tennis as one of the most popular sports and recreational activities in Pakistan, and to strive for Pakistan to be one of the eminent tennis playing nations.


To promote the sport of tennis throughout Pakistan, recognizing the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of sports in general, and tennis in particular, for everyone without discrimination.

Our Values

  • Character building for better conduct during stress and strain.
  • Discipline to ensure high standards of sportsmanship.
  • Team work for better understanding and strengthening the bond between players.
  • Accountability to ensure transparency and merit.

Presidents & Secretaries of Pakistan Tennis Federation

1948-1958 Justice S.A. Rehman President
Mr. Ahmad Hussain Khokhar Hon. Secretary
1959-1966 Mr. I.U.Khan President
Syed Mehmud Alam Hon. Secretary
1959-1966 Mr. I.U.Khan President
Syed Mehmud Alam Hon. Secretary
1967-1977 Prince of Bahawalpur (Nawab) Governor of Punjab President
Mr. Azhar Noon Hon. Secretary
Ch. Muhammad Farooq Hon. Secretary
1977-1983 Col. Munir Ahmad President
Col. Opal Hon. Secretary
1984-1985 Gen. Rahimuddin Khan President
Mr. Munir A.Pirzada Hon. Secretary
1986-1990 Gen. Tallat Masood President
Col. Baig Hon. Secretary
1991-1995 Senator Mr. Wasim Sajjad President
Mr. Munir A.Pirzada Hon. Secretary
1996-2001 Mr. Anwar Saifulah Khan President
Col. Dar (2 year) 1996-1998 Hon. Secretary
Mr. Ali Akber (4 year) 1998-2002 Hon. Secretary
2002 – 2010 Senator Syed Dilawar Abbas President
Major (Retd.) A.Rashid Khan Hon. Secretary
2010 – 2014 Syed Kaleem Imam President
Mr. Mumtaz Yousaf Hon. Secretary
2014 –  2024 Mr. Salim Saifullah Khan President
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Rehmani 2015-2017 Hon. Secretary
Mr. Sanaullah Aman (03 Months) 2017 Hon. Secretary
Mr. Syed Abu Ahmad Akif (03 Months) 2018 Hon. Secretary
Col. Gul Rehman [R] 2018 to 10 February 2024

Hon. Secretary


11th February, 2024 till date Mr. Aisam ul Haq Qureshi President
Lt Col Zia-ud-din Tufail(R) Hon Secretary