The Pakistan Tennis Federation is pleased to inform you that the 1st PTF Coaching Advanced Players Course-2022, which commenced on 18th July and concluded on 29th July at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad, is yet another step towards practically improving the standard of coaches of advanced players in Pakistan.

A total of 24 candidates participated in the course, having met the ITF eligibility criteria of having successfully completed the ITF Coaching Beginners and Intermediate Players Course, being in the Pakistan Men’s/Women’s team, or having ITF/ATP/WTA points.

PTF National Development Director Mr. Asim Shafik, ITF Coaching High-Performance Players(Level 3) Certified coach, was the lead tutor of the course and was assisted by ITF Level 2 certified coaches Mr. Noman Ul Haq, Muhammad Nameer Shamsi and Sara Mansoor. The course attracted current and former Davis Cup players, young coaches, and seven Pakistani coaches working abroad.

This was the first ever CAP Course being organized in Pakistan, and would eventually lead to PTF’s Coach Education being recognized by the ITF at the Silver level. Currently, Pakistan is at the Bronze level.

Mr. Salim Saifullah khan conveyed a special message on the successful conclusion of this very important Coaching Course. He congratulated the participants and hoped that such a professional coaching course will enhance their capacities and capabilities to impart training to the young players. He also appreciated the efforts of Mr. Asim Shafik for the successful conduct of the course for the first time in Islamabad. which has been recognized and praised highly by the ITF.

The President-PTF also lauded the efforts of the Pakistan Airforce Sports Control Committee and Midcourt for sponsoring the event.

Secretary-PTF and Squadron leader Naveed of PAF distributed the Certificates amongst the participants.


Pakistan Tennis Federation